Green Power Technologies for Your Home and Business

Green Power Technologies for Your Home and Business

Everest Ibg: Renewable Energy Solutions, Inspired by the Idea of Clean World

Be Klikame, Lomé, Togo – 21 September 2018 – Everest Ibg offers the innovative solutions for Energy, Telecom and IT, while building all types of infrastructure for civil, industrial, commercial, telecom and agricultural purposes. All the solutions, available from Everest Ibg, are absolutely eco-friendly, being based on green power technologies and inspired by the idea of clean world.

Due to the fact that the global ecological situation is quite pathetic in almost all countries of the world, while some places can be called hopeless, because of the highest level of pollution, the importance of application of clean technologies grows every single day. Under these circumstances namely green power technologies can provide us with the powerful solutions that are as eco-friendly as cost-effective. The future of the whole humanity as well as our planet and its life directly depends on our prudence and readiness to invest in green power, supporting this very special sector of industry.

The selection of green power sources, which are already known to us and even applied in some countries of the world, is quite various and impressive. Today we can use such green and renewable types of energy as solar energy, wind energy, geothermal energy, and bioenergy. There’s no question that in order to generate and accumulate all these types of energy, it’s necessary to employ a special equipment and know-how, which is expected to be as environmentally friendly as productive.

Everest Ibg is one of those companies that deal with know-how solutions, dedicated to the clean world. When it comes to energy, the engineers of this company are ready to install solar panels and wind towers along with the equipment that is necessary to transport energy. In addition, these experts are highly knowledgeable and skilled to build all types of civil, industrial, commercial, telecom, and agricultural constructions, furnished with the most innovative energy-saving and clean power solutions. Thus, Everest Ibg introduces green power solutions at all levels of social organization, including homes and huge industrial facilities.

About Everest Ibg:

Everest Ibg is a reliable company, which operates in the field of green power technologies over 10 years, while supplying know-how solutions that meet the needs of their clients as well as prevent the further pollution of our ecology. This company incorporates the best engineers, who are ready to develop the required green power equipment for your home or company, doing their best and striving to provide you with the renewable energy.



Company Name: Everest Ibg

Address: 268, Rue des Tecks, Bè Klikame Lomé

Phone: +228 93 23 83 92




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